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Rainbow Legal Services offer a bespoke, one-stop solution for all of your reporting, screening, rehabilitation and diagnostic needs within the personal injury sector. In addition, you will have the added benefit of our links to a nationwide sign-up scheme, witness statement acquisition, locus inspection and translation services.

Medico Legal Reporting:

flower Fast Track PI Reports

flower Serious/Catastrophic Injury

flower Medical Records Acquisition

flower Rehabilitation & Further Treatment

flower Diagnostics

flower Initial Needs Assessments

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Medico-legal Reporting

What puts Rainbow Legal ahead of our competitors is our triage service. Upon receiving your instructions, we contact the claimant in person to discuss and gain insight into their injuries, prior to appointing an appropriate medical expert.


This allows us the opportunity to make sure that all of the claimant’s injuries have been fully considered and that the resulting report is fully compliant, prior to releasing it to the client.


Our aim is to assist you to fully quantify the claimant’s injuries prior to negotiating settlement with the third party.


Where possible we can secure an examination at a venue within 8 miles of the claimant’s home address and follow up periodically with appointment reminders and SMS alerts to avoid unnecessary non-attendance occurrences. We are able to arrange home visits at no extra charge.


Fast Track PI Reports

Our USP is speed and quality.

With our bespoke legal operating system and extensive database of UK experts and consultants we guarantee we can arrange and supply the required medical evidence within 30 days of your instruction (subject to agreed service levels).


Our team promise a patient and understanding attitude when dealing with the claimant without jeopardising your business needs.


By using all channels of communication Rainbow Legal promises hands on approach when it comes to getting your client to that crucial examination. Our SMS/email appointment confirmation reduces the chance of non-attendance by the client.


We promise to take over the responsibility of getting your client to attend the medical, freeing up your fee earners time.


In an effort to improve your settlements and increase your profitability we ensure all reports are prepared to an extremely high standard and that no injury, no matter how minor is reported on.

Serious/Catastrophic Injury

In addition to our extensive GP panel, we also guarantee national coverage for all areas of medicine and continue to add to this on a daily basis.


Our dedicated case managers are experienced in the question on cataloguing of medical records, again reducing the time spent by your fee earners and speeding up report return time from the experts.

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Medical Records Acquisition

Records can be requested by us through integrations from your case management system or manually.


We will bear the cost for these and obtain mandate and request records from the vendor.


We are bound by data protection and can offer the service of sorting the records within our database for access when you need to.

Rehabilitation & Further Treatment

Early intervention measures are used where possible at your discretion to aid your client’s recovery, helping them to return to their pre-accident state as best as we can.


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Post Medical Reports

In the event of a recommendation for further treatment by an expert, Rainbow Legal will facilitate this; regardless of the nature we can organise all elements ranging from X-Rays, scans to surgical procedures, injections, etc.

Psychological Treatment

Rainbow Legal never underestimate the impact and debilitating symptoms of psychological trauma, we are fully equipped to arrange treatment such as, but not limited to, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-psychology, counselling and EMDR.

Therapist expressing empathy as she counsels a young patient.
Male patient tells the doctor about his health complaints


Once we have received your instructions, our clinical triage team of case managers will contact the patient or acting representative to discuss the circumstances in further detail.


Here we establish the nature of injuries, decide upon the action required to commence the rehabilitation process and to assist with identifying which associate medical expert is most suited to your requirements.

Initial Needs Assessments

Through the utilisation of an objective and clinical assessment, our experienced occupational rehabilitation consultants will liaise with all involved parties such as the employer, general practitioner and injured party to:


*Establish a rehabilitation and return to work goal by evaluating worker’s needs.

*Determine appropriate actions and services which are timely and evidence based.

*Provide feedback in regard to their injury and associated dysfunction, both in and out of the workplace, with clear strategies and goals documented.

*Provide further treatment or assessment recommendations to assist the injured worker to improve their functional ability and work related capacity.


Depending on the need of the referrer, Initial Needs Assessment can be carried out in one of two formats:


Phone INA

Rainbow Legal’s phone-based occupational rehabilitation consultants conduct a comprehensive assessment and report, which is cost and time effective while being focused on a realistic return to work and/or recovery outcome.


Field INA

Focusing on more severe injuries or cases which experience significant barriers to recovery and return to work, Rainbow Legal field occupational rehabilitation

consultants provide face-to-face initial needs assessment with the injured party. A report and rehabilitation plan, outlining the recommended rehabilitation programme and estimated costs is then prepared.



Reduced costs of sickness absence, insurance and litigation. Identification of complex needs and support criteria for rehabilitation and return to work.


Identification of anticipated duration and cost of an injury in terms of rehabilitation management.


Reduced likelihood of the individual requiring lengthy sick leave.


Guaranteed client centred recovery and return to work goal.

A handsome young doctor meeting with a married couple
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