Rainbow Legal Services | Our Promise
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Our Promise




Tackling bureaucracy can be a challenge for solicitors and consensus shows that persistence and diplomacy work in equal measure. Rainbow legal services has helped maintain momentum in its case handling by supporting claimants with gathering supporting evidence to be reviewed and considered with the experts report. We will pursue each possible avenue to ensure nothing is forgotten or lost through the cracks when dealing with third parties.


Client Care


Here at Rainbow Legal Services we value our relationships with the claimant. Part of this process is keeping the individual fully informed at all times in respect of case developments guiding claimants throughout the entire litigation process. We provide a single point of contact with one of our dedicated team of customer service advisors, trained to manage your cases from instruction to delivery of report. If you have any reason to contact us, they can give you a live and accurate update having followed the case since its inception.

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The team at Rainbow Legal Services are also responsible for liaising with the expert and ensuring a seamless service as their role supports both the representation of the claimant and instructing parties. Firstly, they work hard to help us secure the most appropriately skilled within the claimant’s local vicinity. Ensuring the expert receives all instructions and supporting documentation the team will liaise between them and the client to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

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